Do Not Make These Email Marketing Mistakes

You want to make money from your email marketing efforts and you need to ensure that you do not make big mistakes, or else you will end up with unhappy subscribers that will unsubscribe. So take notice of these big email marketing mistakes and make sure that you avoid them. Don’t have an email list yet? Build one with this advice. 

Don’t Use Misleading Or Hype Up Subject Lines

You need to do everything that you can to get your emails opened. Using a subject line that is misleading or pure hype is not the way to go. Your subscribers will not appreciate this and it will drive them to the unsubscribe link very quickly.

Hype subject lines include things like “You Can’t Miss Out On This” or “You Have To Open This Now”. People will be insulted by this and think that you are stupid. They will not open these kinds of emails because they know you are selling something.

A misleading subject line is even worse. You have probably seen subject lines like “Your Download Is Ready” or “You Have Been Verified”. Do not use these tactics or your list will unsubscribe in droves. Another classic is to use “Re:” so that it looks like a reply to an email the subscriber sent. You will soon have no subscribers if you do this.



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Allow People To Reply

If you send out your emails and they have “No Reply” in them then this is bad. Your subscriber will get a bounce back if they try and reply. Don’t deny your subscribers the chance to interact with you so let them reply to you.

If you use the “No Reply” tactic it looks like you do not want to talk to your subscribers. This is a really bad thing and you must avoid it. The whole point of email is to communicate two ways so be sure that this is enabled. 

Sending Emails that have no Value

You see this all the time in the make money online niche. People send out emails that have no value in them whatsoever. They just send emails about the latest products and services and they are all sales orientated. 

Your subscribers will not appreciate being bombarded with sales messages. Take the time to build trust and a good relationship with your list. Provide advice and guidance and case studies to solve problems where you can. They will appreciate this and be more willing to buy when you do make an offer. 

Avoid Long and Short Emails

This is all a question of balance. Really short emails can be perceived as hype even if they are not. A very long text-based email will probably not get read as it is too much trouble. People are far too busy to read thousands of words in an email.

Sometimes you will have a lot of information to pass on to your subscribers. The best way to approach this is to break it down into a number of different emails. You must always think about the reader and whether or not your email will overwhelm them. This will take a bit of practice but it is worth getting it right.


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