amazing tools for list building and email marketing

Amazing Tools For List Building – Email Marketing

You can get things done easier and faster with the right tools. In this article, we will recommend the best tools for your email marketing as well as some others that can be of great assistance.

A Good Autoresponder

You must have a good autoresponder. There are two options open to you here which are subscribing to an autoresponder service or hosting your own autoresponder software. With an autoresponder service, you will pay a company on a monthly basis to store your list and send out emails. Hosting your own autoresponder software will require some technical knowledge and if you don’t have this then choose an autoresponder service. You have to pay monthly for the service but there are no hassles and you can send as many emails as you want. If you are technically minded then hosted software could be a good option for you as there are no monthly payments. But your web hosting company may impose a limit on the number of emails that you can send in a day. You do not want your business to be limited. Some of the best autoresponder service companies are Aweber, GetResponse and Mailchimp. You can expect to pay around £20 a month to start with and the cost will increase with the size of your list. Things to bare in mind when choosing an autoresponder service. 

Software To Make Squeeze Pages

There are a number of software services and programs for creating squeeze pages that can save you a lot of time. Some of the services will create your entire sales funnel for you which is great. This includes one-time offer pages, download pages and thank you pages. Check out Leadpages if you are interested in this. They will charge a monthly fee but they will host your pages for you. Leadpages will integrate with most of the popular autoresponder services. A complete sales funnel designed in around 10 minutes is possible. WordPress users can take advantage of free and premium plugins and themes. You can produce excellent looking squeeze pages using a premium theme such as Optimize Press or a premium plugin like Instabuilder.

Software for Email Capture

All blog owners should capture email addresses and there are some WordPress plugins that you can use to do this. There is the Sumome plugin and the MailMunch plugin for a start. Popups can be created as well as top bar forms and side forms and there are a lot more facilities on offer.

Software for Surveys

A good method to get email subscribers is to run a survey on your blog or website. Survey Monkey offers a simple way to do this. They have a free version that will collect 100 responses and this is recommended before you buy the full product. There are a number of other survey plugins available so get searching.

Checking your Grammar

An email that goes out with bad grammar will not get a very good response. Most of the popular autoresponder services will have a spellcheck facility. However, although some may check grammar on a basic level, they may still miss grammatical errors. If you want to ensure that your grammar is top-notch then try Grammarly. You can install it quickly and easily on Windows or as an extension for Google Chrome. Each time you use the Internet Grammarly will monitor your grammar and make suggestions to you. 


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