How to sell magazines that will make money

How To Sell Magazines That Will Make Money For Your Charity Or Social Enterprise

Selling magazines for your fundraising project for your charity or social enterprise can be quite a daunting task. Calling people at home in the evening after they get home from work can be difficult at best, in order to get them to buy what you are selling, even if it is from a reputable charity. If you are going to call people in the evening after they get home from work, make your sales pitch is quick and easy so that you don’t take up much of their time.

Your Sales Pitch Needs To Be Smart

Instead of giving to a sales pitch that can go on for hours, make your pitch to sell magazines using your charity or other non-profit to encourage them to help out those who are less fortunate. When you are making a sales pitch to customers they should feel confident that if they should have a question, you will be able to answer it. Many homeowners are more than happy to subscribe to a new or existing magazine that will help a worthy cause, but if you are the one selling the subscriptions, you should be prepared for any questions that the prospective buyer may have for you.

When you approach a homeowner, many are happy to contribute to your cause if you are well informed about the cause you are representing and the product, in this case, a magazine, that you are selling. Many people will be glad to sign up for a magazine that might keep their children busy while they are travelling in their car, or for a magazine that is ready to offer them recipes to prepare for their family. People will rarely invest in a magazine even if it is for a good cause, that they are not going to enjoy and read.

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To reap the best rewards for your charity, try and make your sales pitch as short and sweet as is possible. Always keep in mind the demographics of the people you are trying to pitch your magazine to, and you may find that the rewards exceed your expectations. If you are looking to use magazines sales as a fundraising technique, then tell your prospective customers that their donation is likely tax-deductible. This way they will be receiving a magazine that caters to their needs and is supporting a charitable organization at the same time.

If you are a fundraiser and you encounter a client who wants to consult with their partner or take time to think about this, first try to see if they have any questions you can answer to convince them into a sale. If they still aren’t ready to buy you can arrange a time and date that is mutually beneficial to both parties. Be sure you check back with them, as due to most people’s busy lives, things like donations to reputable charities can be put on the back burner.

If you decide to sell magazines for a fundraising project, we wish you all the luck and know that if you take our advice on board and don’t give up you will succeed. 

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