5 Common Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make

With a good methodology, social media marketing can be a wonderful way to grow your brand. Mistakes, on the other hand, can cost your business dearly.

1. All Take and No Give

Social networking is designed for interaction. When a business merely posts advertisements, it misses out on the two-way communication that is a vital part of these platforms.

Follow others in your field and share their posts. When a customer replies to something you’ve posted, make a point of responding, even if it’s only to say “thank you.”

You’ll likely find you boost your presence significantly just in doing those small things.

2. No Calls to Action

Potential customers need to know what action they need to take if they want to purchase one of your items or make an appointment to schedule services.

Before you post your next update, make sure every online profile has a link to your e-commerce shop or website in your bio. If you post a photo of an item, include a link that takes customers directly to the area of your site where they can learn more and make a purchase.


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3. Limit Your Platforms

Many businesses make the mistake of setting up a social media presence on every platform available, regardless of its relevance. It’s important to understand the demographics of each site and choose those that are most likely to attract the audiences that will connect with your brand.

It’s far better to do one or two social media sites well than have four or five profiles that you rarely update.

4. Inconsistent Posting

All too often, posting consistency is one of the biggest issues brands face.

If you set up your business presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, yet you never add anything to one or more of those sites, you may find that you have a difficult time maintaining a follower base.

It’s important to find the sweet spot between posting too little and posting too frequently and maintain that on a weekly basis, even when you’re between campaigns.

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5. Failing to Measure

Everything you do on social media should be carefully measured using the latest analytics. But gathering the data is only the beginning.

Your team should be able to monitor results on each campaign and use that information to inform your future efforts. Only by noting what does and doesn’t work can your business make progress in your social media efforts.

To remain competitive, it’s important to know how to effectively use social media to connect with customers. Learning to avoid the most common mistakes will help keep your business from wasting time and alienating potential customers.

Best of all, you’ll be able to explore ways to make the most of your social platforms so that you build your follower base and win loyal customers. 


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