Perhaps the accessibility of your website is not something you have thought about before. If you have a website you should ensure that it is accessible to all people. It’s not only the right thing to do but also good for business as you may currently be excluding many potential customers who would love to support your business. Are you a business owner or aspiring business owner? Our training course will give you the skills and knoledge to be successful.

1. Hide your mouse to check keyboard accessibility

Making your site accessible without using a mouse is something that will benefit many of your visitors. People with little vision rely on keyboard access as they cannot easily see the mouse cursor on the screen. Sighted users with motor difficulties such as Parkinson’s or a stroke can find keyboard access simpler as well.

Just hiding your mouse and trying to access your site and all its options with only a keyboard can show how you’re doing and how to improve this. In particular, make sure that a visible focus indicator is always present (preferably a highly visible one), ie, so it is very obvious where your mouse or cursor is at any given time. Also make sure that there is a logical focus order around the page, i.e. that the page is set up in a way that doesn’t mean screen readers or other technology jumps all over the page and doesn’t make sense to all users.

2. Avoid poor contrast

Everyone finds low contrast text difficult to read, particularly people with low vision. Add a tool to your website to allow visitors to change the contrast of the website. If you want us to do this for you send us an email at in**@wo********.uk. Take a look at the other services we can provide you with to help your business grow and run more efficiently.

Here is our Accessibility Tools Menu. Try it out at the side of your screen. 

3. Do a free accessibility check

The organisation WebAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind) provides a free, automated, online checker. This can give you quick feedback on some more technical issues on your website e.g. if forms are correctly marked up with labels. This is a great way to highlight issues during the development process. Be aware that any automated testing can only cover a small subset of all possible accessibility issues. However, it is a valuable technique when used alongside manual testing.

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